“How we can best advocate for cyclists in 2010″ — Yvonne Bambrick, Toronto Cyclists Union

Some of the Bike Union’s current initiatives include:

  • Keeping pressure on the city to implement the Bike Plan
  • The Good Roads campaign, to help cyclists work with the City to keep our streets in good repair and clear of debris
  • Leading a campaign providing cyclists with “thank you” cards to acknowledge drivers who remember to give them their fair share of the road
  • Working with the Ministry of Transportation to update the Driver’s Handbook to reflect the rules regarding cyclists on the road
  • A Ward Advocacy program to support the development of local advocacy groups at the neighbourhood level
  • Working in partnership with TCAT and other groups to bring Complete Streets to Toronto

In just 4 minutes and 16 seconds, Executive Director Yvonne Bambrick describes both the work of the Bike Union and what needs to be done to make Toronto a cycling-friendly city:

The Toronto Cyclists Union (@bikeunion) coordinates city-wide advocacy on behalf of its members and provides resources for cyclists to become effective local advocates themselves.  The Bike Union promotes cycling in an inclusive, friendly, and inviting manner.

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