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If you care more about your society or community and have some ideas on improving some areas, Vote To is the place to be.

Our platform encourages you to propose ideas, thoughts, and things that you think should be improved on in your city.

In our platform, you’ll find a welcoming community that engages in discussions concerning different locations of Canada. As a result, you get relevant and useful information to help you improve your city.
Vote To is all about helping you realize the essence of creating an enabling environment for both living and working. It does this by allowing you and others to post their views and ideas on creating a better society.
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Our website allows people...

Our website allows people to talk about several issues that concern their lifestyle and overall experience. Such issues include:
Due to our enabling nature, most individuals actually share solutions on our platform that could be implemented. We are full of diversity and we respect each and everyone’s views, so you can voice out your ideas here without the fear of discrimination.
Better yet, our site features a comprehensive list of causes, meaning you can find one that suits you best to rally behind. These are serious causes that people who started them are passionate about. Besides the various causes available, Vote To also has space for passionate causes.

This means that you can find a community that you are passionate about, and get to exchange like-minded ideas. Our writers are diverse as they come from different walks of life and work in different organizations. Some work in local, private, and non-profit organizations, so they all have different views concerning different things.