Have you ever wished there was a place that you could go to propose ideas? You see something in your city and you think, “Hey, this could really be improved upon!” 

Vote TO is such a place. You will see other people on the site advocating for ideas that they care about in Toronto and across Canada. You might be looking for a place to be inspired about ways you can change your city. This is what Vote TO is all about. 

All of the people that post make great points. They want to see the laws change so that Toronto can be a better place to live and work in. 

Some of the problems have to do with urban sprawl. Other issues are more political in nature. Some individuals even come with a solution that could be implemented. 

When you browse this site, you should look for causes that you can get behind. The people writing about this want real change for the better. You can start to support those causes. You may even find a passion project. 

The writers come from all walks of life. They work for local organizations or even large multi-nationals or non-profits. The mandate is to effect real, tangible reforms. 

Do you have an idea that is worth talking about? Send us your pitch or article and we will review whether we can include it on our site. We want to hear from as many voices as possible. This page is all about giving citizens a platform. 

You don’t need to just wish for things to get better. You can take action and enact a plan. You will feel better getting your ideas out there. 


“I never had a place where I could showcase my idea. I thought it was good but my friends were tired of talking about it with me. This platform helped me to connect to other professionals who want the same things as I do.” 

“Knowing when to speak up and when to just accept the status quo has always been hard for me. I’m a doer and a dreamer so I would rather speak up. With Vote TO, I found a place to write and advocate for change. Speaking up is always the first step.” 

“I felt powerless until I realized that other people do want the same things that I do. We all live in this city. Let’s make it great.”