“Health, Equity, and Inclusionary Housing” — Michael Shapcott, Wellesley Institute

Everyone deserves to have a good home, but our city is becoming increasing segregated. Poor neighbourhoods mean poor housing, which leads to poor health and premature death; rich neighbourhoods mean good housing and good health.

There’s a simple, practical, and effective step that Toronto City Council can take to ensure a healthy and equitable city: it’s called inclusionary housing — or inclusionary zoning — and hundreds of US cities are already doing it. City Council needs to require that a certain percentage of all new homes in Toronto are affordable to low and moderate income households.

In the 2010 Municipal Election, we need to insist that everyone can find a home everywhere in Toronto.

Michael Shapcott is Director, Affordable Housing and Social Innovation, at the Wellesley Institute. He is a long-time housing and social justice advocate.