How to Use the Advocacy Marketing in Your Business

Advocacy marketing is whereby a business uses existing customers to talk about its products and the company as well. It is an effective marketing method used by plenty of companies. Research estimates that over 80 percent of shoppers conduct research online first before buying. Therefore, having people to advocate for your products and services provides research with enough information needed by customers to purchase products from your business.  
Examples of advocacy marketing include customer testimonials, customer reviews, and social mentions. These can be quite useful for your business, especially in today’s world, where people are extremely cautious about where they buy stuff. For instance, if we look at the insurance industry, the best insurance seo strategy will take into consideration advocacy marketing for optimal results. It is a sure way of winning the trust of potential clients, and thereby growing the business.   
So, how can you use advocacy marketing for your business? If you have a business and would like to employ this marketing method, then here are some of the best ways to consider using. 

1. Sell an Excellent Product or Service 
No matter how amazing your marketing strategy is, if you don’t sell an excellent product or service, it may be quite hard for customers to spread the right word about your brand. Therefore, one way to make sure advocacy marketing works best for you is to provide an excellent product or service and then kindly request your customers to tell or refer your brand to their friends and family. 

2. Provide the Best Experience to Customers 
One thing you have to keep in mind is that giving customers the best experience will significantly help to boost your brand popularity. If your customers end up having a good experience while being served – whether ordering a product, asking questions, or requesting for help if there is an issue. You can rest assured if your customers are happy, they will be more than happy to put out the right word about your products or services. 

3. Offer the Best Return Policy 
Research estimates that 67 percent of customers check the return policy of a company before purchasing anything from them. That is a huge percentage of shoppers, which means you have to ensure your return policy is on point to make customers want to purchase anything from your company, and even refer others to you. Why is this important again? Research also estimates that 30 percent of products ordered online get returned, compared to brick and mortar stores, which only have an 8.89 percent return rate. Therefore, note that your return policy can significantly impact your business. 

4. Provide an Easy Way for Customers to Advocate for Your Business 
Providing an easy way for customers to advocate for your business is also very important. You can create a hashtag for customers to use when posting about your products and services. You can also include social sharing links for customers, as well as an option on your site that allows customers to write a review about your products and services. 

Benefits of Advocacy Marketing 
Here are some of the benefits of advocacy marketing. 
• It helps to popularize your brand 
• It helps you to increase sales 
• It builds loyalty from customers 
• Makes it easier for new customers to reach you 

Advocacy marketing is a great way to help improve your brand’s name and increase sales. When customers refer others to you, it popularizes your brand, builds loyalty, and eventually increases sales. It is essential to note that people will mostly trust information coming from people they know, or people they are sure have interacted with your services. Hence the beauty of advocacy marketing.